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Bach, Johann Sebastian ‎– BWV 846-857 Wohltemperierte Clavier 1 (Walcha)

1Präludium in C-Dur BWV 846
2Fuge in C-Dur BWV 846
3Präludium in c-Moll BWV 847
4Fuge in c-Moll BWV 847
5Präludium in Cis-Dur BWV 848
6Fuge in Cis-Dur BWV 848
7Präludium in cis-Moll BWV 849
8Fuge in cis-Moll BWV 849
9Präludium in D-Dur BWV 850
10Fuge in D-Dur BWV 850
11Präludium in d-Moll BWV 851
12Fuge in d-Moll BWV 851
13Präludium in Es-Dur BWV 852
14Fuge in Es-Dur BWV 852
15Präludium in es-Moll BWV 853
16Fuge in dis-Moll BWV 853
17Präludium in E-Dur BWV 854
18Fuge in E-Dur BWV 854
19Präludium in e-Moll BWV 855
20Fuge in e-Moll BWV 855
21Präludium in F-Dur BWV 856
22Fuge in F-Dur BWV 856
23Präludium in f-Moll BWV 857
24Fuge in f-Moll BWV 857
25Präludium in Fis-Dur BWV 858
26Fuge in Fis-Dur BWV 858
27Präludium in fis-Moll BWV 859
28Fuge in fis-Moll BWV 859
29Präludium in G-Dur BWV 860
30Fuge in G-Dur BWV 860
31Präludium in g-Moll BWV 861
32Fuge in g-Moll BWV 861
33Präludium in As-Dur BWV 862
34Fuge in As-Dur BWV 862
35Präludium in gis-Moll BWV 863
36Fuge in gis-Moll BWV 863
37Präludium in A-Dur BWV 864
38Fuge in A-Dur BWV 864
39Präludium in a-Moll BWV 865
40Fuge in a-Moll BWV 865
41Präludium in B-Dur BWV 866
42Fuge in B-Dur BWV 866
43Präludium in b-Moll BWV 867
44Fuge in b-Moll BWV 867
45Präludium in H-Dur BWV 868
46Fuge in H-Dur BWV 868
47Präludium in h-Moll BWV 869
48Fuge in h-Moll BWV 869